Waste Is everywhere, our oceans, our mountains, our planet.  Our solutions are designed for circularity

The Pressure you face is real and in need of real solutions

we can help

Terram Lab envisions a future where closed loop systems are easily created by eliminating the need for plastic and PFAS barriers on paper streams.  Our coating technologies enable a new era in closed loop systems where our packaging can be placed in on-site bio-digesters and immediately turned back into compost; avoiding landfills.

Mounting Consumer Pressure

Consumers are demanding better solutions

  • 85% of respondents agreed that single-use plastics are harmful to the environment in a global Ipsos survey
  • 83% of consumers were more likely to trust a company that invests in sustainability according to a study by Accenture
  • 72% of U.S. consumers were more likely to buy from a company that supports environmental issues, according to a Cone Communications study
  • 81% of global respondents felt strongly that companies should help improve the environment in a Nielsen survey

Regulation is Increasing

Plastic Bans & Restrictions

  • The Single-Use Plastics Directive “SUPD” (Directive (EU) 2019/904), was adopted by the EU in June 2019. This directive aims to address the environmental impact of single-use plastic products and packaging
  • 11 States have now banned PFAS in plastic
  • Over 100 countries now have a full or partial ban on single-use plastics
  • Lawsuits are being served for damages caused by forever chemicals in packaging

Plastics and Alternatives are not solving the problem and are expensive

Lightweighting plastic doesn't help recyclability and sometimes lowers product performance

Bio-Plastics end up being a contaminant in recycling streams and ultimately is still a plastic

Moving to more recyclable plastics still doesn’t address the human health issues with using plastics

Our Solutions deliver what you need

Plastic Free

Our proprietary coating is applied to paper substrates making it the only solution that meets the strict plastic-free requirements of the E.U. Single Use Plastic Directive


Our 100% bio-based barriers are not dependent on PFAS like other paper based solutions and even avoids the use of acrylates as a common alternative

Compostable & Recyclable

Compostable and Home Compostable  per ASTM and TUV standards, and repulpable / recyclable from Western Michigan University; Our packaging is designed to close the loop and avoid the landfill

Amazing Performance

Grease resistance of up to 12/12 (3M kit testing) available and built in oxygen and water vapor barrier keeps your food looking right out of the kitchen fresh

Food Safe

Our solutions are FDA, BfR-1, and BfR-2 food safe compliant across a wide range of QSR and CPG applications

Enchances your Brand

CMYK Flexo direct print options and flood colors available on all solutions.  Just because you are sustainable doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your brand colors

co2 Savings

When compared to PET and other plastic based solutions, our paper-based food packaging reduces CO2 emissions between 30% and 40% helping you achieve your ESG goals sooner


Our food packaging can take the heat with BFR-2 compliant solutions for use in microwaves, we have you covered

Heat Sealable

Our coating solutions are able to be used with traditional heat sealing methods without weakening the lidding films bond 

We are eliminating hidden plastics

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We are on a mission to eliminate plastic and harmful chemicals from packaging.  Our solutions help companies achieve a triple bottom line. 

People, Planet, Profit.

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