We are creating a waste free world by eliminating plastic and harmful chemicals from packaging

Why Choose Us?

Terram Lab have the most cost effective and planet friendly oil grease resistance (OGR) and oxygen barriers that won't compromise your recyclability or composability.  Our coatings are redefining sustainability and eliminating plastics across a wide range of industries such as Quick Service Restaurants (QSR's), dry packaged foods and flexible pouches.

Our solutions are BfR-1 and BfR-2 listed, industrial and home compostable, recyclable and meet the plastic-free requirements as outlined in the E.U. Single Use Packaging Directive.

Our Solutions are uniquely tailored for the Challenges you Face

Better for the Planet

Our solutions eliminate hidden plastics from packaging

  • 100% Plastic Free Meets the EU SUPD
  • 100% PFAS Free
  • Industrial and Home Compostable (where facilities exist) & Recyclable
  • 30-40% reduced CO2 emissions vs. plastics

Better for People

Our solutions eliminate harmful chemicials from packaging

  • Eliminates plastic and foil liners
  • 100% Non-Plastic Bio-based
  • BPA Free
  • Free of endocrine disruptors found in plastics

Better Performance

Our solutions are providing exceptional barrier performance

  • 100% Grease Resistant (3M Kit 12/12)
  • Oxygen Transmission Rates < 1 CC M2/day
  • Water Vapor Rates < 2g / 100in2 / Day
  • FDA, BfR-1 and BfR-2 Food Safe Compliant

Convert your Packaging to our plastic free solutions

It's time for a solution that can check the boxes.  Plastic Free, PFAS Free, Compostable/Recyclable with the oil, grease oxygen and water barriers you need.  Terram Lab Solutions are helping numerous customers today spaning multiple industries.

Carry out and To-go Containers

Our to-go containers are available in a wide range of designs and have the oil and grease resistance to make sure your brand stays clean and stands out

Paper board Containers

From French Fries to Hot Dogs, to Nachos and Burgers, our containers are customizable with print to suit your brand

Sandwich Wrappers

Sandwich wrappers of all sizes that provide exceptional oil and grease resistance without the PFAS

Paper To-Go Bags

Send your orders out with confidence, our bags  provide oil, grease and water barriers to make sure your product doesn't arrive soggy

Chip and Snack Bags

Upgrade your chips and snack bags to plastic free solutions that are compostable and recyclable

Spiral Canisters and Dry Goods

No need for plastic liners or foil barriers anymore with our coatings you get exceptional oxygen and water vapor barriers

We are eliminating hidden plastics

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We are on a mission to eliminate plastic and harmful chemicals from packaging.  Our solutions help companies achieve a triple bottom line. 

People, Planet, Profit.

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