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At Terram, we are on a mission to eliminate plastic and harmful chemicals in packaging

We understand the pressures faced by brands. It seems as if everyone is looking for you to solve the world's problems. From governmental regulations, material bans, growing EPR regulations and mounting consumer pressures, we understand that it's hard determining where to turn for help.


That is why our team of engineers and scientists have spent years working on new technologies that provide plastic free, PFAS free and compostable/recyclable food packaging.

Our Passion is helping customers protect the planet

Our passion is human health, a sustainable planet for future generations to enjoy, and prosperous, profitable business that delight customers and builds sustainable brands.

Terram Lab stands shoulder to shoulder with our customers creating solutions that meet performance and quality to compete with plastic, enabling clean solutions to meet their sustainable goals of zero emissions and waste.


It doesn’t end there….

Our clean packaging solutions align with our customer values.
Our passion is to partner with our customers on their journey towards the ultimate business economics of the triple bottom line.

People. Planet. Profit.

we can help?

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Frequently asked questions

You have questions, we have answers

How do I apply your coating to my product?Terram Lab supplies finished food packaging solutions.  Our coatings are applied in our manufacturing facilities to a variety of paper substrates depending upon your specific application and performance requirements.  That means that you receive finished food packaging that is produced in certified food safe factories, printed with your brand's artwork, coated and ready to use in your facilities.

Do you only sell stock items or can you help me with a custom solution?We supply a limited number of stock items with generic artwork such as sandwich wrappers.  However, our strength is in providing a complete food packaging solution ready for use.  We can assist with all your QSR or CPG needs when it comes to making your packaging sustainable.  Our designers and material scientists are standing by to help with your project.

How expensive are your solutions?Unlike other alternative materials such as PLA bioplastics or acrylic based spray coatings, our solutions are competitive with your current solution.  However, we would need to get our engineers and material scientists a copy of your performance specifications and then we can easily provide a quote.  To find out more contact our sales team at [email protected]

How long does it take to get samples made?Timelines for receiving samples will vary depending on the specific use and application you are looking for.  Contact our sales team at [email protected] and they can work with you to document your use conditions, testing requirements and provide a timeframe for samples.

We are eliminating hidden plastics

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We are on a mission to eliminate plastic and harmful chemicals from packaging.  Our solutions help companies achieve a triple bottom line. 

People, Planet, Profit.

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