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Your Paper Specs equals a Plastic Free food packaging solution

Can you Tell the difference Between these to-go containers?

We can.  One has a plastic liner to achieve grease resistance, and the other one is a Terram Lab Plastic Free solution using our proprietary coating technology.  Our coating technologies meet the EU Single Use Plastic Directive for being plastic free.  Finally, a solution free of plastics and free of PFAS.

Outstanding Performance with coatings applied directly to paper substrates

Our coatings work by using a two-part system that creates an Interpenetrating Polymer Network (IPN) with an Interlaced copolymer system to deliver exceptional OGR and oxygen transmission (OTR) performance in a water based, PFAS free, acrylic free and plastic free formula.

End of Life Benefits:

  • Eliminates the need for plastic and foil liners
  • Eliminates PFAS chemicals associated with non-plastic liners
  • Biobased Non-Plastic solution (whereas other bio-plastics such as PVA and PVOH are still considered plastics by the E.U. Single Use Packaging Directive)
  • Western Michigan Certified Repulpable and Recyclable
  • Industrial and Home Compostable

Coating Performance:

  • 100% Grease Resistant (Kit 12/12)
  • Oxygen Transmission Rates as low as 0.04 CC M2/day
  • WVTR as low as 1.8g/100 in2/Day
  • Applies directly to paper-based substrates using existing coating equipment
  • FDA, BfR-1 & BfR-2 compliant

New Technology without the headaches of Developing new technology

Plastic free, PFAS free, compostable and recyclable solution applied using industry standard manufacturing equipment speeding up your time to market with the solutions your customers are demanding 

It's time to go plastic free,
solutions that work


  • 100% Grease Resistant (3M Kit 12/12)
  • Oxygen Transmission Rates < 1 CC M2/day
  • Water Vapor Rates < 2g / 100in2 / Day
  • Microwavable & Heat Sealable


  • 100% Plastic Free per the EU SUPD
  • FDA, BfR-1 and BfR-2 Food Safe Compliant
  • 100% Non-Plastic Bio-based
  • BPA Free

End of Life

  • Compostable per ASTM D6400
  • Repulpable and Recylable (Western Michigan University)
  • 30-40% Reduced CO2 emissions compared to PET and other plastic based solutions

Customer Applications

Terram Lab is helping major QSR and CPG brands eliminate plastic across a wide range of applications

We are eliminating hidden plastics

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We are on a mission to eliminate plastic and harmful chemicals from packaging.  Our solutions help companies achieve a triple bottom line. 

People, Planet, Profit.

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